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Author Topic: Yoko Kanno's(and others) chiptunes  (Read 3966 times)
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« on: December 21, 2011, 10:58:19 »

hey guys. just now i've witnessed the whole new world of ancient chiptunes, waiting for me to hear them.
i'm talking about PC-8801, PC-98x1 eras.
that's when Uncharted waters and Nobunaga games were hot stuff.

here you can find ~2500 game soundtracks, including those above

to play them you'll need a program called HOOT

1. Get this, HOOT and extract it into a folder called "HOOT" .
2. Extract These to the same directory.
3. Extract These to the same directory too. Say yes to overwrite if it asks.
4. Go here X68k, PC88, and here PC98 and download the zips of a games soundtrack into it's respective folders.
5. Open HOOT.exe and be blown away!

HOOT command keys:

ARROW KEYS - Highlights chosen selection. (bottom of the screen)
ENTER - Opens folders and plays song titles. (Bottom of the screen)
ESC - Move backwards through folders. (bottom of the screen)
0 - Restarts song
P - Stops song. (sort of)
1-8 - Mutes and unmutes channels.

tutorial copied straight from here

P.S. i've remembered aboud PC98 stuff thanks to Yosuke Yasui, his music is just like the old times(the best of those).
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« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 14:08:50 »

This sounds absolutely lovely. I tend to go through these phases where I can't get enough of chiptune style music so next time that happens I'm definitely going to try this out.
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